There is a thread that, when you find and pull, will lead towards the life you were destined to live.

Depth psychology deals with what lies beneath the surface, things that at first glance would not be seen or intuited; it deals with the hidden and subterranean undercurrents of unconscious contents and complexes that have profound and enduring effects on individual personalities and their relations.


Depth analysis is a place of reflecting, remembering and reclaiming the parts of the psyche that were forced into the unconscious through the process of socialization.



  Dreamwork theatre is a ritual space that allows participants to experience the healing power of dreams and the magic of theatre. Participants are helped to see the inner and outer obstacles to greater joy, wholeness and freedom of expression.



Depth psychology is about life. It is my hope that these online courses will support many individuals in understanding their lives, relationships and inner world more fully.

Dreamwork Gallery


In the dreamwork technique of active imagination there are four stages. The last stage of active imagination is ritual. This final stage is a creative, physical gesture the dreamer makes to communicate back to the unconscious and thus increase the bridge between the two worlds.