Dr. Mozol was a core faculty member at the Adler University and an adjunct faculty member at Pacifica Graduate Institute for over 12 years. The numerous courses she has designed and taught focused on Jungian, psychoanalytic and archetypal depth psychology, trauma, women’s individuation, sexuality, shamanism, creativity and dreamwork. Ana has studied with and been mentored by such distinguished elders in the field as James Hillman, Christine Downing, Jeff Raff, Gina Ogden and Marion Woodman.

She has a private practice in Vancouver, Canada, where she specializes in body-oriented depth analysis, dreamwork and the intersection of depth psychology and the creative arts. She is a graduate of a two-year full-time acting program based on Stanislavski’s method and has acted in several professional theatre shows. 

Ana Mozol is a powerful healing presence! As I’ve worked with her both online and in-person, I can say that she brings a wealth of knowledge, personal and professional credibility, and a rare giftedness for understanding and helping others to heal from traumatic life experiences. She helped me “connect the dots” for my own personal insight, which continues to ripple forward.
Ana Mozol is a teacher/lecturer of the ages. Not only is she a keenly competent scholar and individual, brilliant at recognizing the subtlest nuances to complex and challenging material; she also has heart, passion, and conviction. When Ana speaks, you listen. You listen because her ideas are more than educated. They are unique, timely, and emboldened with a sensitivity seemingly lost in this day and age. As a lecturer and professor, Ana is of unmatched character and integrity. As a scholar and performer, she is fiercely courageous, elevating the material she crafts or interprets so we are forced to reach for it. As a witness, she sees answers and holds personal accountability in places few know about and even fewer venture.

Whether as a speaker, performer, or writer, Ana Mozol enriches lives. We are all the better for learning what she has to say.
— EM

Ana’s course was a turning point for me both personally and vocationally. Something shifted in my psyche to allow a coalescing of many parts that have been slowing emerging from my unconscious over many years. It was extremely powerful and quite profound, and importantly, it was deeply empowering for my feminine being and feminine voice.
— JS

Listening to the interplay of Freudian, Adlerian, and Jungian psychological theory in Mozol’s lectures inspired me to reach beyond my current lens of perception to see a more intricate web-like structure in which to explore the workings of imagination, relationship, and sexuality. Mozol’s capacity to navigate the psychological and somatic experience of being an embodied, sexual being in a professional atmosphere emboldened me to become increasingly conscious of my wholeness in the face of a world that often seeks to compartmentalize our sexuality.
— JH

The deepest and most enduring aspect of my inner personal journey has been the process of bringing conscious awareness to my experience of and issues with love, relationships, and sexuality. Ana’s course at Pacifica Graduate Institute has deepened my knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of my past relationships and given me hope for greater awareness, understanding, and consciousness in my future relationships.

The depth of exploration and quality of discourse has been a treasure to behold, and has opened my eyes to others’ experiences beyond anything I could have imagined from my own personal perspective. I have also greatly valued Ana’s grounded exploration of sexuality and diversity, unpacking the myth of Psyche and Eros, and going deeply into the dynamics of the Demon Lover. Ana’s depth of understanding and presence for dreamwork is exquisite. The readings and writings for this course have given me another realm of understanding that will help inform and sustain my future relationships.

This course has given me a depth of knowledge and understanding to aide me in my journey, and for that I am truly grateful.

Ana is able to create a safe and contained space that feels sacred. She was able to take me much further into the world of dreams and synchronicities than I was ever able to achieve on my own. Her course was well designed and stimulating, weaving together many threads of depth psychology that left me feeling on solid ground with this complex theory. I think this is her greatest gift, that she can lecture and facilitate in a way that connects so deeply with lived, personal experience. What I learned was invaluable!
— SK

Ana taught me how to go deeper in looking at my life’s story. Her class helped me to appreciate how important it is to tell my story as a way to heal. Sometimes it is done in conversation with close friends, or in a class, and other times it is in the privacy of a therapist’s office. I always felt safe and understood in sharing my story with Ana. Her gentle encouragement kept furthering my writing and analysis into deeper territory, eventually allowing me to access my best self and my strongest writing.
— DG

The Dreamwork course with Ana opened me to previously untapped inner resources and depths. I understood the power of active imagination for the first time, and synchronicities manifested in an astounding way throughout the course. The exercises and examples allowed me to shift an extremely negative inner masculine “object.” Perhaps most importantly, I was reconnected with a reckoning and understanding of the face, body and soul of the Lost Feminine.
— SS



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