The theatre is not merely the meeting place of the arts, it is also the return of the arts to life.
— Oscar Wilde
It has been scientifically demonstrated that shamans who encourage their clients to publically perform their dreams in poetry, song, and dance are 80 percent effective in healing. Psychiatrists, who use psychoanalytic techniques that encourage their clients to talk about, draw, paint, or describe their dreams in private, are only 30 percent effective.
— Barbara Tedlock
What is important in me is not the truth outside myself, but the truth within myself.
— Konstantin Stanislavsky

These workshops run intermittently and bring together Dr. Mozol’s two deepest passions: dreamwork and theatre. They are based on dreamwork courses and mythodrama techniques she has taught for Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Please email or call for further information. 

Dreamwork theatre is a ritual space that allows participants to experience the healing power of dreams and the magic of theatre. In ancient Greece, at the healing sanctuary of Asclepius, medicine came in the form of visions and dreams. Situated beside the sanctuary is one of the most impressive outdoor theatres ever built: the Great Theatre of Epidaurus. The proximity of these two monumental sites evokes a profound sense of the enduring and mysterious connection between dreams, theatre and healing.

The patron god of theatre is Dionysus. He is also the god of ecstasy. Ecstasy means to stand beside or outside oneself. To enter the sacred play of theatre enables one to gain a new perspective and see the dramas playing out and influencing one’s life. It is true that we cannot change what we cannot see. The root meaning of the word theatre is “to see.” Dreamwork theatre helps participants to see the inner and outer obstacles to greater joy, wholeness and freedom of expression.  



Gain a deeper understanding of the language of dreams

Expand creative potential

Explore and enact marginalized inner characters and voices

Increase capacity for play and freedom of expression

See the mythic and archetypal themes that are most influencing your life currently

Loosen the grip of complexes and negative repetitive behavioural and relational patterns


Who should attend?

Professionals and students in the field of psychology and counselling

Individuals with a minimum of two years of depth analytical work or study

Artists and actors looking to deepen their individual craft



Dreamwork Theatre workshops are advanced trainings. An application is necessary for consideration. The application process is in place to preserve the depth of work in progress for all participants and the containment of the space. Please click the link to the application form  if you are interested in these trainings.