This art piece is a deep reflection on the shadow that presents itself both intrapsychically and interpersonally between women. It was inspired by a dream I had while travelling in Romania. The dream connected to my own sister but also at the larger collective level to the state of sisterhood. It is an exploration of the shadow within that is often projected onto outer relationships with women. In depth analysis, for women, there is often an inner “figure” who is envious of who you are becoming through the depth analytical process, and who tries to sabotage this becoming. Work with meeting this inner shadow sister becomes critical at certain thresholds in the individuation process. Within a patriarchal society, relationships between women are not given the same consideration and weight as relationships with parents or partners. There is no established field of counselling for friends or sisters, although there are countless “methods” for counselling the wounds from parents and in primary relationships, such as marriage. The sigils on this piece were created by myself and my sister before I transferred them onto the image. The intention behind them is protection for the bond of sisters